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Prep-story of a Kolihapeltis trilobite

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

To share the love for trilobites some more...

A very rare and stunning specimen! And to make a long story short, I'll just let a few pics talk. Prep by Alex Žagar & Gianpaolo di Silvestro.

I recieved the specimen already glued, so no pic of the cross section as found. And some prep-work has been done already.

Material looked promissing, and although 1 spine was missing in the break, both genal spines are in place, so it seemed that the specimen should be complete, but without examination of the cross section, the rest was left to luck and guessing.

Spiny trilobites have often fragile spines broken or missing. As soon as disarticulated segments of different Phacopsids (black pleural segment in the center of the picture) started to show just on top of the Kolihapeltis, the story was clear...

It's amazing, despite the debries - only 1 spine broken. The interesting part is, the broken part is still where it had fell millions of years ago, before fossilization! Has been there for millions of years, tells a story, no point to glue it back just to make the specimen look more perfect as is... Left right there, all spines are natural, glued parts from break only.

Photo wet, after washing...

Fin! Not an easy bug to prep, but turned out nice.

A few close ups (specimen wet in photos, after washing)...

Notice a pathology, possible healed bite injury?

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