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Preparation sequence: Harpes sp.

Harpes often means sticky hard matrix of Bou dib with low contrast, but we love these bugs. So here's a short photo prep sequence and a short time-lapse video to get an idea how preparation is done:

...before preparation - we can see the cross section:

...a short time-lapse video of preparation:

Takes many hours of detailed airscribe work just over the "shell" (with microscope) to reveal the complete specimen. Maybe we'll do a time-lapse of the complete process some day, but for now just a small fraction of the process was filmed. Here's the area cleaned in time-lapse video:

After sandblasting and more air-scribing, more of the bug is revealed:

After many hours of the described process, slowly the bug is comming out of stone:

All parts are then glued back together:

And the same process is repeated:

And after many hours, finally:


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