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Preparation sequence: Psychopyge elegans

I almost put it aside to be sold unprepped, when I found the right genal missing, but I'm glad I didn't. There's a beauty in imperfection. This bug has a lot of character to show. A story... It displays several broken pleural spines, few broken thorax spines, a missing-broken genal spine on the right side, plus in several parts broken pygidial spines and a broken rostrum. All natural and not something you would brag about, but it gives it character and shows how rare perfect preservation is.

psychopyge elegans, prep: A.Z. 2022

Cross section - at this state no idea what's hiding inside, except for the species, so each preparation is a mystery:

Stone was broken in 3 pieces, which were then glued back together:

And the mystery continues... I guess from now on, I'll find perfect preserved trilobites boring ;)

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