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Modocia brevispina


Wheeler Shale,

Drum Mountains, Millard County,




it is a trilobite coming from the Cambrian  of Mwheeler shale deposits of Drum Mountains in Utah. this is a nice example of a trilobite belonging to the genus Modocia. The short genal spine give the name to trilobite Brevi-spina. It is a nice sample of trilobite on sale.

This trilobite is associated with a strange shell form, maybe an earlier cephalopod.

Cambrian Modocia brevispina (Robison, 1964) trilobite

€ 250,00Price
  • size: slab 16 cm x  8 cm trilobite 2,2

    restoration: 0% 1 glued part

    preparator: Alex Zagar

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