This is an Eusthenopteron resin model kit on sale. Eusthenopteron  is a genus of freshwater devonian sarcopterygian fish. The name derives from two Greek stems—eustheno-"strength" and -pteron "wing" and thus "strongly developed fins". Paleontologists confirmed that it was a strictly aquatic animal but some features of the body are common with the earliest-known tetrapods. The genus Eusthenopteron is known from  species that lived during the Late Devonian period. Eusthenopteron was first described by J. F. Whiteaves in 1881, as part of a large collection of fishes from Miguasha, Quebec.

Eusthenopteron is well known for the pattern of its fin endoskeleton. It shows: a distinct humerus, ulna, and radius (in the fore-fin) and femur, tibia, and fibula (in the pelvic fin).

These appendicular long bones had epiphyseal growth plates that allowed substantial longitudinal growth through endochondral ossification, as in tetrapod long bones.(Wikipedia ref.) These six appendicular bones also occur in tetrapods and are a synapomorphy of a large clade of sarcopterygians, possibly Tetrapodomorpha (the humerus and femur are present in all sarcoptergyians).

This model was sculpted by a Czech Republic artists under Trilobite Design Italia supervision.

Models comes painted or unpainted at a reasonable Price.

Fins are in soft resin so you can decide to have in "floor walking position" or Swimming ones.

Resin body was made with high quality resin so no deformations or collapsing parts during the painting process or exhibition.

Just choose what do you like:


YOU HAVE 2 VERSION PAINTED OR TOTAL GREY just choose one from menu.


some references:


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Eusthenopteron sp. Devonian sarcopterygian resin model fish scale 1:1

€ 150,00Price
  • material: Grey resin model kit (2 separate pieces)

    size: mounted  55 cm long

    Scale: 1:1

    Project : Di Silvestro Dr. Gianpaolo 

    artist: Jaicek Major painter: Luca Vergerio