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Morocconites malladoides is a common moroccan trilobite.

They are not rare and are not difficult to find, the only problem is the preparation process. Matrix is Sticky and difficult to remove, and that's the only reason because you can see many destroyed and hits trilobites on market and website. It takes time to prep carefully, and this is the only reason for different price range. 


Morocconites malladoides

Middle Devonian 

Mader basin

Jabel Ofaten


Morocconites malladoides Moroccan Trilobite

€ 330,00Price
  • size: 10cm x 4 cm trilobite 6 cm

    restorations: 1 glued part (right eye is in glued spot) left eye is gem

    preparator: Gianpaolo Di Silvestro and Alex Zagar


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