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Pedinopariops (Hypsipariops) is a nice and big trilobite coming from devonian strata of Mrakib Area in Morocco.

This is a wonderful partially enrolled trilobite on sale, with high quality skin details. It has just 2 small restorations on 2 pleuras, that's it.

It is a super nice sample compare to what you can find on the web.

It was prepaed in our Lab. It takes time to prep carefully, and this is the only reason for different price range that you can see on market.

Skin pores are incredible detailed and preservation is Amazing.

This is a Grade A+ trilobite. 


Pedinopariops (Hypsipariops) sp.

Devonian, Givetian

Bou Dib Formation

Mrakib Area



Pedinopariops (Hypsipariops) Devonian Moroccan Trilobite

€ 360,00Price
  • size:10 cm x 8 cm trilobite 9 cm

    restorations: 1 glued part 2 pleurae restored 1 % bite marks on rx side

    preparator: Gianpaolo Di Silvestro and Alex Zagar


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