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Tuzoia guntheri

middle cambrian

Marjum Formation

House Range, Millard Co.



it comes from a private lease


Tuzoia guntheri? (Robison, 1981)

€ 3.800,00 Regular Price
€ 3.420,00Sale Price
  • size: slab 45 cm x 30 cm animal 13,5 cm!


    restorations: No restorations split It is a MUSEUM PIECE

    legally acquired in accordance with the laws


    TUZOIA WALCOTT, 1912 is the largest bivalved arthropod of the
    Middle Cambrian Burgess Shale fauna from which it was
    first described (Walcott, 1912). It also occurs at numerous Lower
    and Middle Cambrian localities in North America, Europe, China,
    and Australia. Its carapace morphology is unique among bivalved
    arthropods in the extensive reticulate pattern and spiny marginal
    and lateral processes. (Vannier et all , 2007)

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