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Why collect Trilobites? Because of all extinct forms of life, they are certainly an extraordinary evolutionary success that lasted about 270 million years. So far around 1,500 genera and 10,000 species has been discovered that with their extraordinary ability to adapt, colonized all sea environments during the Paleozoic. Benthic and pelagic forms succeeded and evolved hundreds of thousands of times with extreme efficiency responding to environmental challenges in the past. Observing a trilobite means trying to understand part of the life that evolved on our planet. Thanks to Enrico Bonino, Diana van Altena, Jacob Skabelund, David Comfort, Sam Gon, Alex Zagar, Guido Gherlenda, Luca Vergerio, Simone Rasetti and all others who contribute with their passion to preserve, improve and promote this fascinating world. We Are offering High quality Trilobites on sale and high variety of fossils preparing Only In Our Lab




The Cambrian Period was the first geological period of the Paleozoic Era.

This Period marks an important point in the history of life on Earth. Come to discover our Fossils galleries


We are selling just genuine North American Trilobites. All Fossils are prepared with Highest Care and quality. We dig personally each trilobite


Trilobite Design Italia is working on paleontological reconstructions, model miniatures and Dinosaurs models.We are using the latest Technologies for sculpting and producing fascinating Hand painted models.

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The BEST and 100% original Morocco Trilobites on sale.

All these Trilobites are prepared in our LAB in ITALY


Paleonology Books, Posters and gadget related to Trilobites and fossils.

Coffe Mugs and gadgets related to Paleontology


A large selection of Trilobites on sale from Worldwide. All these trilobite on sale are GENUINE 100% and perfect with


No restorations


We are offering the best product tested in our company much over 14 years. In this Shop you will find Airscribes and replacing parts or the best glues for your fossils preparation!

Have you never use our Airneedle? Come and Explore our Products!

We are authorized reseller of Prochima resin products, Starbond glues, Chicago CP pneumatic


Ammonites, Crabs, Dinosaur teeth and much more

Trilobites on sale

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Trilobite Design Italia NON vende fossili Italiani.

In Italia è vietato il commercio e la vendita di fossili provenienti dal territorio dello Stato in quanto ritenuti beni culturali e rientranti nei beni tutelati dalla normativa n.1089 dd 1 Giugno 1939 e la nostra azienda NON commercia questi campioni. La presente ditta TDI di Gianpaolo Di Silvestro esclude nella totalità qualsiasi campione fossile d’origine paleo-antropologica. In accordo con la legge Italiana tutti i fossili sono importati ed esportati regolarmente.

Tutti i prezzi del sito sono da intendersi IVA compresa la fattura commerciale sarà allegata alla merce spedita

All prices are VAT included

Trilobite Design Italia and Scientificmodels are website made by Di Silvestro Gianpaolo Aurisina TS  ITALY P.I 01265210326