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Trilobite Design Italia

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"Because quality Does Matter"

Our products are exhibited in the most prestigious international museums

we produce 3D modeling for museums and events

All is prepared in our Labs

Why collect Trilobites? Because of all extinct forms of life, they are certainly an extraordinary evolutionary success that lasted about 270 million years. So far around 1,500 genera and 10,000 species has been discovered that with their extraordinary ability to adapt, colonized all sea environments during the Paleozoic. Benthic and pelagic forms succeeded and evolved hundreds of thousands of times with extreme efficiency responding to environmental challenges in the past. Observing a trilobite means trying to understand part of the life that evolved on our planet. Thanks to Enrico Bonino, Diana van Altena, Jacob Skabelund, David Comfort, Sam Gon, Alex Zagar, Guido Gherlenda, Luca Vergerio, Simone Rasetti and all others who contribute with their passion to preserve, improve and promote this fascinating world. We Are offering High quality Trilobites on sale and high variety of fossils preparing Only In Our Lab