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Damesella paronai trilobite prep-story

This is one of those fun trilobites, that's on every serious trilobite collectors's wish list, but very difficult to find good ones anywhere. First, because most of these are masaccred in preparation; second, because the site has been cemented over; and third, because old specimens (in stock and collections since before the 1982) like this, in EU and USA, are limited...

Damesella paronai (photo after washing...wet)

To cut long story short - a few prep-progress pics... Prep by A.Ž.

Before... A few weathered spots, but a complete one and luckily mostly-unpreped from an old stock.

It's easy to understand why some Moroccan trilobites are massacred as a result of a quick prep for commerce; but something that's hard to understand with this type of material!

After... Damesella paronai (photo after washing...wet); prep by Alex Žagar

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