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Undescribed Aglaspis sp. with Gut preserved


Weeks Formation

Millard County


it comes from an old collection acquired in 2017


more infos about this elusive fauna


 Weeks Formation located in Utah 499 Ma  is one of the most interesting Cambrian Lagerstätte of the western USA. It preserves an exceptionally preserved fauna of deep water environment at the offshore margin of a carbonate platform. Weeks fauna differs significantly in composition from the other biotas of the Cambrian Series 3 of Utah. In This quarry studied for the first time from Charles Walcott you can find Trilobites but also a unusual non- trilobite fauna.


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Lerosey-Aubril, Rudy & Gaines, Robert & Hegna, Thomas & Ortega-Hernández, Javier & Van Roy, Peter & Kier, Carlo & Bonino, Enrico. (2018). The Weeks Formation Konservat-Lagerstätte and the evolutionary transition of Cambrian marine life. Journal of the Geological Society. 175. 705-715. 10.1144/jgs2018-042.




Aglaspis sp. Cambrian Aglaspidida arthropod from Weeks formation

€ 3.500,00Price
  • size: slab 8 cm x  11 cm animal  7, 2 cm!


    restorations: No restorations 2 glued parts MUSEUM PIECE

    legally acquired in accordance with the laws it comes from an old collection



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