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Anomalocaris cf. saron

middle Cambrian

Comet Shale Mbr.

Pioche Shale Fm

Highland Range,

Lincoln Co.

Nevada USA


Anomalocaris cf. saron

€ 1.800,00Price
  • size: slab 44 cm x 26 cm claw 8,5  cm!


    restorations: minimum restoration on "orange skin" we use apoxie to block some holes 

    It is a MUSEUM PIECE positive and negative

    legally acquired in accordance with the laws


    A new Burgess Shale-type soft-bodied fauna crossing the Lower-Middle Cambrian boundary in the Comet Shale Member
    of the Pioche Formation in Lincoln County, Nevada, contains common remains of soft-bodied ecdysozoan taxa. (BRUCE S. LIEBERMAN, 2003)

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