Apoxie® Paste is an innovative adhesive medium used to permanently fill, bond, seal, customize & fabricate most materials. Batter-like consistency is stir-able, yet thick enough that it tends to stay put; spread thick or thin with a tool or craft stick. Tint with pigments to create a desired color. Smooths with water to a semi-gloss finish. Great for arts & crafts, jewelry, stone setting, taxidermy, casting with flexible molds & more. Apply to foam or other materials for a hard surface coat, to add texture, or embellish. Use as an adhesive for many projects!


Arts & Crafts; Antique Restorations; Glass Art; Jewelry; Manufacturing; Stone Setting; Home, Toy & Doll Repairs (egg shell cracking & crazed eyes); Scenery & Habitat applications; Woodcarving; Wildlife Art (use as an adhesive for bonding jaw sets, preventing drumming, fish & fin repairs, bones/skulls, and form alterat