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Beckwithia typa


Weeks Formation

Millard County


it comes from an old collection




Beckwithia typa Cambrian Aglaspids

€ 2.000,00Price
  • size: slab 12,5 cm x 15 cm animal 7 cm!


    restorations: No restorations split It is a MUSEUM PIECE

    legally acquired in accordance with the laws it comes from an old collection


    Beckwithia is an extinct genus of soft bodied basal chelicerate arthropods that lived during the late Middle and Upper Cambrian on the former paleocontinent Laurentia, in what are now Utah and Wisconsin. It has an inverted egg-shape, with a semi-circular head, 11 abdominal segments and a tail spine. It is a typical member of the group Aglaspidida

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