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In his Book on bohemian trilobites M. Snajdr evaluates the 200-year history of the reseacrh into the most detailed  studied group of these extinct animals from the lower Palaeozoic of Bohemia, being still in teh centre of collectors interest.....

Substantial part of book was devoted to a set of photograps of prevailingly complete trilobite exoskeletons and their explanations. Genuine specimens were derived from colelctions of Natural Museum in Prague, geological survey, and private collectors.They represent central Bohemian Cambrian up to Devonian trilobite type specimens.


180 B/W photographs


Paperback: 266 pages
Publisher: Geological Survey, Prague 1990

Product Dimensions:  250 x 170 mm
Language: English
ISBN- 80-7075-001-4

Bohemian Trilobites

SKU: 80-7075-001-4
€ 45,00Price
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