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Amecephalus idahoense

middle cambrian

Spence shale member

Langston Fm.

Box Elder County




Amecephalus idahoense is a rare example of Alokistocaridae cambrian trilobite from Spence Shale. It is a nice Cambrian trilobite with a super size and a 100% natural gold patina

It was find and prep from Gianpaolo Di Silvestro and finished in some parts from Alex Zagar!

Cambrian Amecephalus idahoense trilobite with GOLD patina SKIN

€ 380,00Price
  • size: slab    5 cm x  3,5 cm trilobite:  cm

    restoration: 3 glued part NO restorations (colors is 100% original)

    preparator: Di SIlvestro Gianpaolo / Zagar Alex



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