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Big Hyolithes idahoensis and Hyolithid Haplophrentis reesei (Babcock and Robison 1988)

Middle Cambrian

Spence Shale

Box Elder County




ref. Wikipedia : Hyoliths are animals with small conical shells, known as fossils from the Palaeozoic Era. They are Lophophorates, a group which includes the brachiopods. Both Helens are present and perfectly preserved

Cambrian Hyolitha Hyolithes idahoensis & Haplophrentis spSpence Shale

€ 100,00Price
  • size: slab 16 cm x  10 cm

    Hyolithid 4,5 cm! and 1,5 cm

    restorations: NO RESTORATIONS

    preparator: Jake Skabelund


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