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This is a nice sample of Cambrian Chinese Trilobite coming from Shandon City. Damesellidae is a family of odontopleurid trilobites found in Middle to Late Cambrian  strata, primarily in China. here a nice example on sale of this elusive trilobite.


Damesella paronai

middle Cambrian

Drepanuridae Paronai zone

Kushanian Age

Kushan formation

Laiwu City

Shandon City


Cambrian Trilobite Damesella paronai (Airaghi)

€ 850,00Price
  • size: rock 23 cm x 15 cm trilobite 5 cm

    restorations: NO Glued parts NO restorations  Trasparent Coating on IT

    preprator: Alex Zagar


    NOTE: you can see all preparation process in this link:

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