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This is a professional prepared Crotalocephalina (Crotalocephalus) gibbus gibbus. This nice Trilobite is so common but very often destroyed by poor quality preparation. David Comfort prepared this masterpiece for This is a nice quality trilobite on sale

Crotalocephalina (Crotalocephalus) gibbus gibbus

Devonian Pragian

El Atchana

west of Jebel Ofaten



All our trilobites on sale has 0% of restorations, natural and prepared with higest care in our fossil lab.


Crotalocephalina (Crotalocephalus) gibbus gibbus from Devonian layers of Morocco

€ 320,00Price
  • size: cm slab size  5 cm x 10cm 

    trilobite: 6 cm

    restorations: 1 glued part

    preparator: David Comfort

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