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Gogia sp.


Langston Fm

Spence Shale

Bear River Range



Gogia, like other eocrinoids, are not  related to crinoids,but they are  more closely related to the blastoids.

Gogia is different from sea lilies, and blastoids, in that the plate-covered body was shaped like a vase, or a bowling pin (with the pin part stuck into the substrate), and that the five ambulacra were split into pairs of coiled or straight, ribbon-like strands.

As a whole, the Eocrinoids are regarded as basal blastozoans very close to the ancestry of the entire subphylum.

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Eocrinoid Gogia sp. rare cambrian fossil Museum quality death assemblage

€ 3.500,00Price
  • size: 28 cm x 19 cm

    preparator: David Comfort

    restorations: 0%


    this fossils will be ship with an elegant and hand made fossil box. We suggest ensurance on DHL shipping. Please contact us for others informations.

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