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The Epoxy Glue 5 'is an epoxy formulation with medium-high viscosity not loaded, specially formulated for use in various fields of use. Thanks to the absence of volatile components, it allows to realize structural gluing. This epoxy glue does not have great elasticity so it is advisable to use it in:

  • static modeling
  • jewelery
  • ceramic restoration
  • wood
  • Stone
  • Fossils restorations

It has also succeeded in the bonding of plastics (to be avoided, however, Polyethylene, Nylon and Polypropylene), provided they are sanded. Glue 5 'has a pungent and irritating odor; generally it causes skin irritation. Therefore it is advisable to use gloves for the most sensitive and allergic subjects and a particular attention to the inhalation.




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Epoxy Glue Prochima A + B 5 minutes

SKU: AE045G100
€ 10,00Price
  • Viscosità della miscela a 20° C cPs  4000 - 5000

    Densità a 20°C gr/cm3  1,1

    Rapporto base/indurente

    Pot-life in massa di gr. 50 a 20°C  minuti  4

    Indurimento apparente a 20° C minuti 5
    Indurimento totale a 20°C minuti 60
    Indurimento apparente a 40°C minuti 3
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