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This is a nice and well prepared nodule with a Cambrian Chinese Trilobite Damesella paronai. It is an economic ones, the right genal cheeck was restored. It has a super skin color!  Damesellidae is a family of odontopleurid trilobites found in Middle to Late Cambrian  strata, primarily in Asia.


Damesella paronai

middle Cambrian

Drepanuridae Paronai zone

Kushanian Age

Kushan formation

Laiwu City

Shandon City


Fair quality Cambrian fossil Nodule Trilobite Damesella paronai

€ 580,00Price
  • size: nodule size: 10 cm x 10 cm trilobite size: 8 cm

    restorations: 1 cheeck restored

    preprator: Alex Zagar

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