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Modocia typicalis (Resser)

Middle Cambrian
Marjum Fm

House Range



This is a gorgeous and big Modocia typicalis Trilobite. It is a super quality trilobite of the Middle Cambrian of Marjum Formation. The trilobite is amazingly and perfectly preserved.

The skin has a light chocolate colour. The colorful specimen is preserved on a wonderful pink limestone. Super trilobite on sale! It takes a lot of work to prep a such quality bugs!

They are an uncommon trilobite and finding of this size.

Gorgeous and Big Modocia typicalis (Resser) trilobite

€ 600,00Price
  • size: trilobite 5,5 cm!

    slab: 23  cm x 13 cm

    restorations: 2 glued part

    Preparator: Alex Zagar

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