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Hyolithes Nevadotheca whitei (Waggoner & Hagadorn 2005)

Lower Cambrian

Latham Shale

Marble Mountain

Mojave Desert

San Bernardino County, California


Here we are offering a super Hyolitha fossils comes from famous lower cambrian locality of  Marble Mountain. This Hyolithes shows helens and soft body parts! It is a Rare fossilization condition. It is a super quality Hyolitha on sale



from: BEN WAGGONER and JAMES W. HAGADORN 2005. Conical fossils from the Lower Cambrian of Eastern California;. PaleoBios 25(1):1–10, April 15,  University of California Museum of Paleontology



Hyolithes Nevadotheca whitei fossil Marble Mountain

€ 100,00Price
  • size: positive and negative slab  18 cm x  8 cm Hyolithes 1,2 cm

    restorations: NO


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