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This is an original , complete and NOT composite Nipponite ammonite from cretaceous layers of Hokkaido. This ammonite was personally collected in September 2020. We are going to dig there 1 times for year, and this was the first ever discovered one.

This ammoinite is on its original nodule and we don't remove. It has some glued parts and some restoration on eroded side. We can guarantee that is a super nice one. 

We don't add fake curls....


Nipponites sp.

Late Cretaceous Turonian

Yezo group

Kotambetsu River



we can provide you all preparation sequences.

Nipponites n. sp. japanese ammonite and Rhyoptychoceras sp.

SKU: Nipponites01
€ 5.500,00Price
  • nodule size 20 cm x 14 cm

    restorations: 4 glued parts

    preparator: Alex Zagar and Gianpaolo Di Silvestro

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