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Here is a nice specimen of Flexicalymene senaria from the world famous Walcott-Rust Quarry of New York. This is a complete trilobite partially enrolled, well articulated, and with a minimum restoration on spine of left cheeck.The bug shows fine detail  and nice granulation on cephalon-  the tiny granulations on the thick shell exoskeleton are easily seen due the ability of our Preparator Alex Zagar. This is a nice trilobites sample of  Flexicalymene senaria from the Walcott-Rust Quarry. 


Flexicalymene senaria (Conrad, 1841)
Middle Ordovician
Rust Formation, Trenton group
Walcott - Rust Quarry
Trenton Falls, New York, U.S.A.

Ordovician trilobite Flexicalymene senaria

€ 350,00Price
  • size: trilobite 1,6 cm

    restorations: minimum restoration on left genal cheeck...(just tips of trilobite is restored, brioken during splitting rock process)

    preparator: Alex Zagar

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