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Blue liquid applied by brush or spray. It dries in 20 minutes and creates an insoluble insulating film with solvents and styrene. It is applied directly over the wax treatment in the molds before laminating. In the extraction, the film is transferred into the piece which is eliminated by washing with water. The POLIVINOL layer ensures perfect separation and prevents the wax from contaminating the finished piece. Repeat the application for each print. Indispensable also in the treatment of painted wood models, on which a mold must be built; Polivinol film, applied before waxing, prevents the styrene contained in the gel coat to soften and remove the model's finish paint.


technical data sheet here



Polivinol Prochima release

SKU: AD065K1
€ 12,50Price
  • Contenuto solido: 7 %
    pH (DIN 53 785 / ISO 1148): circa 7
    Densità a 20°C 0,95 – 0,96 gr/c


    technical data sheet here

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