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Gogia ojenai

lower Cambrian

Latham Shale

Marble Mountain

San Bernadino County



Rare Cambrian Gogia ojenai (Durham, 1978)

€ 200,00Price
  • size: slab  20 cm x 13 cm (about) fossil: 2,5 cm  POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE

    restorations: 1 glued part

    Preparator:  DI Silvestro Gianpaolo


    "Medium sized globular eocrinoid with highly developed radial ridge and node ornamentation,spiralled brachioles, and distally expanded holdfast is described as Gogia ojenai n. sp. It wasfound in the Latham Shale (Bristolia Subzone of Bonnia-Olenellus Zone) of late Early Cambrian age atthe southern end of the Marble Mountains of California. It is probably ancestral to Gogia granulosa ofthe early Middle Cambrian Spence Shale of Utah."


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