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Eldonia is an extinct soft-bodied cambroernid animal with unknow family tree.It is related to coelenterate medusa? or a sea cucumber... still in debate... Some of the best Eldonia fossils preserved are coming from the Fossil Ridge outcrops of the Burgess Shale, in a layer called 'Great Eldonia layer'. Eldonia Are described From China, Morocco and Some other few localities in The world. This fossils sample is coming from rare Cambrian layers of Spence Shale Utah. It was found in a private propeties, so is 100% legal.


Eldonia cf ludwigi

mid-middle Cambrian
Wheeler Fm.
Drum Mountains
Millard County, Utah



Rare Eldonia cf ludwigi Cambrian soft bodies

€ 1.200,00Price
  • size: slab 14 cm x 8 cm Positive and negative

    SPLIT NO restorations....




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