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Tullimonstrum gregarium is an extinct genus of soft-bodied bilaterian that lived in shallow tropical coastal waters of muddy estuaries during the Pennsylvanian geological period, about 300 million years ago. A single species, T. gregarium, is known.Tullimonstrum have been found only in the Mazon Creek fossil beds of Illinois, United States. Its classification has been the subject of controversy, and interpretations of the fossil likened it to molluscs, arthropods, some type of worms and vertebrates.

we base the model reconstructions on the last publication that described tully like  a basal vertebrate, and thus a member of the phylum Chordata.


McCoy, Victoria E.; Saupe, Erin E.; Lamsdell, James C.; et al. (April 28, 2016). "The 'Tully monster' is a vertebrate". Nature. 532 (7600): 496–499. doi:10.1038/nature16992. PMID 26982721.


 This is a high quality print on world class (italian) soft paper.Perfect for Museum exhibit, for collectors and for educational purpose. Limited Edition
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Concept and Scientific idea: DI Silvestro Dr. Gianpaolo

Graphic: Luca Vergerio

Tullimonstrum gregarium paleoenvironment reconstruction with paper frame

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  • High quality Tintoretto Paper: 180 gr

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