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This is a nice and super strange Devonian Trilobite Walliserops trifurcatus from Foum Zguild. You can see easily the strange position of Walliserops. It was prepared with high quality care It has some glued parts and minor restoration that you can check easily on the last photo. Was resto just a small ammount in the fork.

Association with BArrandeops is 100% natural and not composite


NO deceptions, not % but just the Truth


Walliserops trifurcatus (Pierre Morzadec, 2001)


Timrhanrhart Formation

Foum Zguild




Devonian Trilobite Walliserops trifurcatus (Pierre Morzadec, 2001)

€ 1.000,00Price
  • Block size: 10 cm x 9 cm trilobite: 3 cm and 4 about

    restoration: the upper part of fork is restored and glued  parts

    preparator: Alex Zagar

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