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Redlichia (Pteroredlichia) cf chinensis Cambriano Qingxudong FMT, Hunan province Cina

Un bellissimo campione di Redlichia (Pteroredlichia) cf chinensis proveniente dalla Qingxudong FMT. dim 3 cm

Ordine: Redlichiida Subordine: Redlichiina Superfamilia: Redlichioidea Familia: Redlichiidae Subfamilia: Redlichiinae

Genere:Redlichia (Pteroredlichia)

Specie:cf chinensis

Showing a great samples of Redlichia (Pteroredlichia) cf chinensis from Qingxudong FMT.

size: 3 cm

Order: Redlichiida Suborder: Redlichiina Superfamily: Redlichioidea Family: Redlichiidae Subfamily: Redlichiinae

Genus: Redlichia (Pteroredlichia)

Specimen:cf chinensis

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