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Kootenia randolphi (Robison & Babcock, 2011) 

Middle Cambrian

Wheeler FM, Drum Mt.



Kootenia is a rare trilobite from Middle Cambrian of Wheeler shale.

Kootenia is a spiny bugs, and takes a lot of time for a well done preparation.

Many of the articulated trilobites preserved in mid-Cambrian Lagerstätten of Utah were buried under rapidly deposited sediment clouds.

This trilobite is 100% original and has just some cracks filled.

It is a molt but both cheecks are preserved.

This is an incredible trilobite with 0% of restorations and a super skin quality. This trilobite is for sure e great addition for your Museum or private collection.


Good and complete Cambrian Trilobite on sale Kootenia randolphi

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€ 680,00Price
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