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Prep-story of Olenoides vali trilobite

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Step by step photographic prep-sequence of Olenoides vali (Robison & Babcock, 2011) from Middle Cambrian Upper Wheeler FM, Drum Mt., Utah. Where else as in!? Prepared by Alex Žagar. One of those super rare trilobites any collector would add to collection without hesitation, even if don't collect Cambrian bugs...

A majestic 8+ cm spiny creature, detailed preservation and looking at unpreped condition with cephalon close to the edge of matrix, still can't believe this luck - 100% natural and 100% complete! A trilobite so rare, that it could be considered an even better investment as money stored in your bank. Anyway, let's take a peek behind the preparation of such a trilobite...

Close ups:

Slab before preparation with positive and negative:

Glued together and prep from top... I guess the rest of the photos speak for themselves:

Pics in natural light:

Olenoides vali -, prep: A.Ž.

Olenoides vali -, prep: A.Ž.

Olenoides vali -, prep: A.Ž.

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