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A rare non-trilobite artiopodan from the Guzhangian (Cambrian Series 3) Weeks Formation Konservat-La

Come da Comunicazione con Enrico Bonino sono lieto di aggiornarvi su un nuovo artropode rinvenuto nella Weeks Formation e conservato nel BPM.

autori della scoperta: Javier Ortega-Hernández, Rudy Lerosey-Aubril, Carlo Kier e Enrico Bonino

abstract preso da

From Enrico Bonino mail...i am happy to updating you about a new rare non-trilobite from the Weeks Fm and in the BPM published.

authors: Javier Ortega-Hernández, Rudy Lerosey-Aubril, Carlo Kier and Enrico Bonino

here abstract from


We describe a weakly biomineralized non-trilobite artiopodan arthropod from the Guzhangian Weeks Formation of Utah. Falcatamacaris bellua gen. et sp. nov. is typified by a thin calcitic cuticle, broad cephalon without eyes or dorsal ecdysial sutures, an elongate trunk with distinctively sickle-shaped pleural spines and a long tailspine with a bifurcate termination. The precise affinities of Falcatamacaris gen. nov. are problematic due to the presence of unique features within Artiopoda, such as the peculiar morphology of the pleural and posterior regions of the trunk. Possible affinities with aglaspidid-like arthropods and concilitergans are discussed based on the possession of 11 trunk tergites, edge-to-edge articulations and overall body spinosity. The new taxon highlights the importance of the Weeks Formation Konservat-Lagerstätte for further understanding the diversity of extinct arthropod groups in the upper Cambrian.

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